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    Aureol Gillan MSc

Your Source for Personal Growth

  PMI Preferred Provider
Trauma Informed.
Individual, family and Group work.

Free Assessment.

Mob;  07920571955

                           Qualified COSCA                                          Counsellor Supervisor

                                              ISSUP. NAADAC. ICRC

Aureol Gillan - Take the first steps towards moving forwards - today.

Hello and many thanks for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Aureol Gillan, I am a qualified and distinguished consultant with a wealth of experience in Counselling. I have over 20 years extensive experience of working with various client backgrounds and institutions including the Priory hospital and Castle Craig hospital in Scotland. I firmly believe that no problem is insurmountable. There is ALWAYS a way forwards.

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International Society of Substance Use Professionals.

 Preferred Provider

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