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Aureol Gillan - Let me be the first step to your recovery.

Hello and many thanks for taking the time to visit my website. My name is Aureol Gillan and I am a professionally certified and distinguished consultant with a wealth of experience in Counselling. I have over 20 years extensive experience of working with various client backgrounds and institutions including the Priory hospital London and Castle Craig hospital in Scotland. I firmly believe that no problem is insurmountable and by choosing me to work with you will have taken your first step to recovery. 

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What Is Equine Therapy?

Equine assisted therapy is a holistic, experiential and highly specialised form of therapy that involves working in collaboration with a horse, therapist and an expert horse handler. During sessions, you don’t actually ride the horse. Instead, you carry out tasks such as feeding, grooming and leading the horse. Sessions usually take place in small groups, where you may have specific tasks or ‘obstacles’ to overcome. After sessions, you have the chance to discuss your experiences and emotions with your therapist. Ultimately, the aim of equine therapy is to help you to discover more about yourself, develop new ways of thinking and change any negative behaviours. There are numerous scientifically proven benefits to equine therapy, both mentally and physically and i am delighted to be able to offer this wonderful and empowering therapy.  See below video for further details:

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